A Glossary of Phonology (Glossaries in Linguistics) by Philip Carr

By Philip Carr

This pocket-sized alphabetical advisor introduces the diversity of phenomena studied in phonology and the most theoretical frameworks for undertaking phonological research. The entries are a concise and transparent evaluate of 1 of the most components in linguistic research.

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Contour segment A segment in which there are two distinct subparts, occurring in sequence. Affricates are often said to be contour segments, since they consist of a stop closure followed by a fricative release. Prenasalised stops are also often analysed as contour segments. Pre-aspirated stops in some languages may be analysed this way too. contrastive function see phoneme contrastive stress A term used to refer to the placement of tonics to highlight a contrast. The ‘neutral’ or unmarked tonic placement in the sentence John went to the pub would have the tonic on pub, since it is the last lexical item.

The notion is used by phonologists who analyse intonation contours by separating them into their component tones. Boundary tones are represented in the representational system ToBI. branching onset An onset which contains more than one consonant, as in the English word brow. The term ‘branching’ derives from the use of tree diagrams to represent syllable structure; a branching onset is visually represented using a diagram in which the onset node contains two branches. breaking A synonym for diphthongisation.

Durand has worked extensively on machine translation, but is mostly known as a phonologist who has worked on a variety of languages, especially French phonology, including the phonology of Midi French (Southern French). duration A term used to describe the amount of time taken to articulate a given segment. Geminate consonants are said to be articulated with greater duration than non-geminates. Long vowels are said to be articulated with greater duration than short vowels. The term is clearly relative, but the phonetic duration of segments is more or less measurable in milliseconds.

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