A Student's Introduction to Engineering Design by Harold A. Simon

By Harold A. Simon

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2K shows a curve of velocity plotted against time, with the 56 Modeling Φ > Time Fig. 2K Bar graph representation of a continuous function. continuous curve approximated by a number of rectangles which together form a bar graph. This is equivalent to replacing the continuous function by a number of discrete time intervals during which the velocity may be considered constant. (e) Linearity. The analysis of linear systems is very much simpler than that of nonlinear systems. A linear differential equation is given below.

When numbers are substituted into the equations to represent the physical quantities, either consistent units must be used or factors such as gc must be introduced to allow for the lack of consistency. It is, however, not recommended that such factors be included in the writing of the equations, which should be true regardless of the choice of units. 2-8) which states that the net heat added to a system is equal to the change of internal energy plus the work done by the system. This is a statement of energy conservation and each term represents an energy.

Solving the indicial equations will yield only two independent groups. The use of dimensional analysis to derive information about a problem is an art. Only practice can reveal the possibilities and also the limitations. 4 should be illuminating. Try to find the dimensionless groups by inspection, verifying that a complete set has been found and that each is independent of the others. These exercises reveal some of the power of this method in tackling quite complicated problems. However, one does need to know which quantities have a bearing on the problem before the method can be applied.

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