A tenth-century document of Arabic literary theory and by Muḥammad ibn al-Ṭayyib Bāqillānī

By Muḥammad ibn al-Ṭayyib Bāqillānī

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For the date of hIS death cf. R. Blachere, Annales de l'Instztut d'Etudes Onentalcs de l' Umvcrstte d'A1ger, V (1939-41}. 85. 107. fl. ca. 600. lJamasa, I, 35; Agani, XVIII, 215, BawIl'Id, p. 97b. ,[,awil. 108. 43. 109. ammad's misslOn. IlO. 132. Ill. 15. 112. For comment see note 233, p. 29. ll3. An-Namlr met and long outlIved the Prophet, cf. Rescher, I, Il5. Agani, XIX, 162; Muwassah, p. 78, Wasuta, p. 435 (vs. , Letters, p. 83 (trans. p. 94);

A shIp's mast, of. Lane, p. 8980. 93. 28. Tawil. Cf. Suli, AT, p. 19. Nuwall~i, III, 182, quotes Nablga 17 28 as abda< bait qila ji 'l-mad'ih, "the most orIgmal verse ever used m a eulogy," then adds the same quotatIOns from Farazdaq and Salm as alBaql11am. 94. The king addressed m the verse IS an-Nu'man III, of al-Hlra, 580·ca. 602. The story that msplred the verse IS often told; cf. Rescher, I, 43. 95. Diwdn, ed. R. Boucher, Paris, 1870, II, 220 11 ; Suli, AT, p. 20, DII!. 1,21; Azmina, I, 166; Nuwalri, III, 182; Daudpota, op.

Jacob, Altarab. Bedu~nen­ leben, 2nd ed, Berlm, 1897, p 26, explaInS hubdh~b as glow-worm. Other verse occurrences of the phrase Include al-Qutami (ed J Barth, Lmden, 1902) 1540, Sudalf b. Malmun, 'Igd, III, 283, at-Tugra'>i, Nuwalri, VI, 212, Ahmad b Zlyad b. abi Karima, NUWaIrl, IX, 267, an unnamed poet, IBu}Hamdsa, p. 56'. Further references In Barth's notes, pp. 29-30, and m F. W Schwarzlose, D~e Waffen der alten Araber, LeIpZIg, 1886, p. 170 (Kumalt) and 171 (al-Kusa'i; on thIS legendary figure cf.

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