Algebra Readiness Made Easy: Grade 3 by Mary Cavanagh, Carol Findell, Carole Greenes

By Mary Cavanagh, Carol Findell, Carole Greenes

The nationwide Council of lecturers of arithmetic identifies algebra as one of many 5 significant math content material parts to be studied in ALL grades. This Algebra Readiness sequence makes assembly this mandate effortless and enjoyable, even within the more youthful grades. each one e-book good points dozens of reproducibles that provide scholars perform in several problem-solving suggestions and algebraic techniques. scholars learn how to determine variables, remedy for the values of unknowns, establish and proceed styles, use logical reasoning, and a lot more. contains 10 full-color transparencies with problem-solving steps and notice difficulties, excellent for whole-class studying. to be used with Grade 3.

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3 frogs balance one shark, and 2 + 2 + 2 = 6) Math Chat With the Transparency Display the “Make the Case: Balancing Animals” transparency on the overhead. Before students can decide which character is “sharp as a tack,” they need to figure out the answer to the problem. Encourage students to work in pairs to solve the problem. Then bring the class together for another whole-class discussion. Ask: • Who has the right answer? (Wally Walrus) I know how many fish balance one frog. I’ll write that number of fish on each frog.

Algebra Readiness Made Easy: Gr. 4 © 2008 by Greenes, Findell & Cavanagh, Scholastic Teaching Resources • Which remaining number fits Clue 4? (8) A. CLUES: • What does Clue 3 mean? (A is an even number. ) • Which numbers does Clue 3 eliminate? (7 and 9) What is the number on the player’s jersey? 1. What are all the numbers on Ima’s list? ___________________________ 9 8 ___________________________ 2. What is Ima Thinker A? __________ 3. How did you figure out the number on the jersey? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 4.

How much more does Billy weigh than Horace? __________ 49 Name _____________________________________________ Date __________________ WEIGH IN PROBLEM 5 How much does each one weigh? Scale A Scale B Scale C 2. Tabby the cat weighs __________ pounds. 3. Winslow the rabbit weighs __________ pounds. 4. How did you figure out how much Winslow weighs? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 50 Algebra Readiness Made Easy: Gr. 4 © 2008 by Greenes, Findell & Cavanagh, Scholastic Teaching Resources 1.

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