American Passages: A History of the United States, Volume by Edward L. Ayers, Lewis L. Gould, David M. Oshinsky, Jean R.

By Edward L. Ayers, Lewis L. Gould, David M. Oshinsky, Jean R. Soderlund

With a different realization to time because the defining nature of historical past, AMERICAN PASSAGES deals scholars a view of yank background as a whole, compelling narrative. AMERICAN PASSAGES emphasizes the intertwined nature of 3 key features of time--sequence, simultaneity, and contingency. With readability and goal, the authors show how occasions develop from different occasions, people's activities, and extensive structural adjustments (sequence), how it appears disconnected occasions happened in shut chronological proximity to each other and have been located in greater, shared contexts (simultaneity), and the way historical past without warning pivoted due to occasions, personalities, and unforeseen results (contingency).

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Nineteenth-century Americans did not expect a president to be an activist, and neither did Grant himself. Those who hoped for a period of calm after the storms of Johnson’s presidency were soon disappointed, however. Grant’s passive view of the presidency allowed Congress to play a dominant role. As a result, the executive office itself lost some of the authority Lincoln had acquired, and a generation passed before power shifted back toward the White House. Because Republicans were suspicious of strong presidents, that development aroused little protest from the governing party.

CHEROKEE OTOE AND MISSOURI IOWA PAWNEE CHEYENNE AND SAC AND FOX GEORGIA ALABAMA ARAPAHO KICKAPOO MISS. WICHITA CREEK CADDO INDIAN ARK. POTAWATOMI TERR. indd 463 TEXAS Gulf of Mexico 9/15/08 8:56:08 AM 464 CHAPTER 16 • Reconstruction: Its Rise and Fall 1865–1877 Pressures on the Indians The 1870s brought increasing tensions. 7 million farms; ten years later, that number had risen to more than 4 million. A competition for space and resources intensified. With millions of acres under cultivation and the spread of cattle drives across Indian lands, the tribes found themselves squeezed from their traditional nomadic hunting grounds.

If African Americans were the victims of southern violence, the liberal Republicans were willing to tolerate that result. Grant and His Party With his presidency under attack, Grant turned to the Republican leaders in Congress. These politicians disliked the Liberal Republican program and its leaders. Angry Liberals threatened to bolt the party. Grant knew that he could never satisfy the demands of the Liberals on Reconstruction or the civil service. Instead, he conciliated mainstream Republicans.

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