An Islamic View of Gog and Magog in the Modern Age by Imran N Hosein

By Imran N Hosein

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Such people were duped because they based judgement on appearance and failed to penetrate the reality of what transpired. From that day, so filled with misery, to this similar day, many of them have devoted themselves to sinfully support the Western world’s consequent unjust war on so-called ‘Islamic terrorism’. e. anyone who dares to raise his hand in order to resist Western/Israeli oppression) did not dawn upon such people until it was too late for them to extricate themselves from the hole into which they had fallen.

Only such Muslims would continuously resist oppression. Only they would refuse to submit to and make peace with an evil messianic Israeli dictatorship that continues to oppress innocent believers and to hold on to the blood-stained fruits of its oppression in the Holy Land in particular. 50 Any religion or ideology with a claim to truth must be capable of explaining the reality of such amazing events as the nowemerging universal political, economic, financial and military dictatorship over all of mankind.

First, the leg below the knee was exposed. Then the hemline kept on rising until it soared above the knee and threatened to expose intimate underwear. Tight-fitting clothing left nothing for the imagination since the ‘feminine assets’ were on display. The ‘one-piece bathing suit’ was eventually replaced by the ‘bikini’, which then made way for the ‘thong’, which would eventually make way for who knows what! The natural consequence of this feminine nakedness has been a sexual revolution that eventually made sex as freely available as sunshine.

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