Animal models in cardiovascular research by David R. Gross DVM, PhD (auth.)

By David R. Gross DVM, PhD (auth.)

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Cardiovascular effects of the opiods The following compilation of opiods also includes some agents which are more correctly classified as narcotic antagonists. However, these agents usually compete for the same receptor sites and have some analgesie analgesic and/or sedative properties when used alone. The list is not exhaustive but represents agents commonly cited as being used for cardiovascular studies in the recent literature. The effectiveness of these agents for chemie chemical al restraint, sedation and analgesia seems to be a matter of individual preference more than objective evaluation, but also involves considerable species variability.

6 minutes 2 Cardiovascular effects 0/ of the opiods Conditions of the Experiment Dose Cardiovascular Effects References Rate reduced, decreased contracti1e amplitude. In the contractile electrically driven atria there was electrieally .. an initial pOSItIve inotropic response whieh which preceded the negative inotropie inotropic reaction. When the calcium ion concentration of the preparation was increased the Pentazocine induced decrease in contractility was antagonized. Pentazocine also antagonized the negative inotropic and chronotropie inotropie chronotropic effects of adenosine and acetylcholine.

5:2 Cats Isolated papillary muscle muscJe 10 Ilglkg Ilg/kg in both 50% inhibition of inotropy 26 Halothane anesthesia with high conc. 15 ml/min) mlImin) Dose-dependent decrease in aortic press pressure ure and heart rate, no cardiovascular effects with same infusions into the lateral ventricles or the 3rd ventricJe. ventricJes ventricle. Effects were blocked with Naloxone. 2-1 Ilg/kg, IV No overall beneficial effect on response to LAD coronary artery ligation. Arrhythmias, blood pressure changes, heart rate changes, ECG changes and mortality rates were all the same in control versus fentanyl treated groups 67 Plasma conc.

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