Atman in Pre-Upanisadic Vedic Literature by H. G Narahari

By H. G Narahari

The various earliest books, really these courting again to the 1900s and earlier than, are actually super scarce and more and more pricey. we're republishing those vintage works in cheap, prime quality, sleek variants, utilizing the unique textual content and paintings.

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O. L. S. T. W. , D. Whitney. O. S. T. Up. B. B. A. Pras'. S. W. S. B. E. Taitt. W. Up. Z. K. M. ) by Pras'na Upanisad. J. Muir. Sitzungsberichte der Berliner Akademie. Sacred Books of the East. Taittiriya Upanisad. Wieiler Zeitschrift fur die Kunde Des Morgen- landes. Z. t>. M. G. Zeitschrift der Gesselschaft. " of Nature, 1 Hindu Garbe, Beitrdge zur mdischen Ktilturgeschichte, pp. 3 ff. ff the 68 Deussen, Philosophy of Monism, pp. Upanishads, pp. 17 ff. 18: the Vedanta, Weber, History of Indian Literap.

77 ff. R. S. Deshmukh, Religion in Vedic Literature, Jacobi seems to take the extreme view that the conception of imp. 331. mortality of the Soul was unknown to the early Aryans till the time of the later Upamsads (cited by R. D. Ranade and S. K. Belvalkar, op. , p. 430, as in his Licht des Ostens, pp. 142-166 Entwicklung der Gottesidee beider who remarks "An investigation of the literary contrast H. " (Oriental Studies in honour of C. E. Pavry, p. 360); Fora XLIX. 100 ff. similar view, see also F.

W. Hopkins, India Old and New, p. 35 Bloomfield, Religion of the Veda, p. 215 Z. A. Ragozin, Vedic India, pp. 422 ff. R. E. Hume, Thirteen Principal Upanishads, p. 5 ff. B. M. Barua, Pre-Buddhistic Indian Philosophy, p. 7 L. D. Barnett, Brahma Knowledge, pp. 13 ff, M, Hiriyanna, Outlines of Indian Philosophy, p. 41. ' The Brdhmanas up with filled sacrifices represent an age so thoroughly and ceremonies that it seems almost impossible to reconcile them with the Upanisads which stand for knowledge rather than sacrifice.

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