Automotive Software: PT-127 by Ronald K. Jurgen

By Ronald K. Jurgen

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LAW OF INCREASING DEGREE OF IDEALITY This law states that evolution of technological systems proceeds in the direction of increasing their degree of ideality. Law of Evolution The degree of ideality is a ratio of the system's functionality to the sum of expenditures associated with building and making the system function. In essence, it is a benefit-to-cost ratio. 3 Laws of evolution and ideality. , the number of its functions and/or level of their performance), while keeping the cost of the system unchanged.

The technology has matured. Finally, the technology stagnates and frequently disappears, being overtaken by a new, more beneficial one. Fig. 11 Power adjustment mirror The plot shows the dynamic "performance-to-cost ratio" (or "benefit-to-cost ratio") is shaped as a "lazy" S, and is commonly called the S-curve. There are distinctive points on the curve marking milestones in the technology's life cycle. , when shifting into reverse). As the functionality of the side-view mirror continues to advance, the mirror adjustment system will become fully autonomous.

He has an MS in Automotive Systems Engineering from the University of Michigan. He is currently working as an electrical/electronic systems 33 engineering technical fellow with Visteon Corporation. As an engineer with Visteon Corporation, he has worked on audio software, subsystem product development/design, diagnostics, vehicle system architectures, and cockpit system design. com). Figure 9: The Novel Flow 34 2004-01-0719 Solving the Technology Strategy Riddle - Using TRIZ to Guide the Evolution of Automotive Software and Electronics Alex Shoshiev Yazaki North America Victor Fey The TRIZ Group, LLC Copyright © 2004 SAE International Making a wrong decision may therefore be costly.

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