Azospirillum VI and Related Microorganisms: Genetics — by Johanna Döbereiner, Vera L. D. Baldani, Veronica M. Reis

By Johanna Döbereiner, Vera L. D. Baldani, Veronica M. Reis (auth.), Istvà n Fendrik, Maddalena del Gallo, Jos Vanderleyden, Miklos de Zamaroczy (eds.)

Azospirillum is a plant progress selling rhizobacterium used for inoculation of cereal and forage plants. The booklet covers its body structure, ecology, biochemistry, and molecular biology. the main complex molecular ideas to appreciate the regulatory mechanisms of nitrogen fixation and ammonia assimilation, in addition to the foundation of phytohormone construction, are incorporated. specifically, the id of novel different types of promoters, particular regulatory circuits, and new regulatory proteins is defined. New insights within the plant progress selling position of the micro organism in the course of the research in their interactions with the plant are awarded. additionally mentioned are box purposes, permitting the assessment of the physiological and agronomic involvement of Azospirillum inoculations.

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When comparing 2D-protein profiles (De Mot and Vanderieyden, 1989) of A. , 1993). 5 mM MgS04) was further studied. Partial amino acid sequence revealed significant homology with the 54 Agrobacterium tumefaciens sugar-binding protein ChvE. , in preparation). Organization of the A. brasilense chvE homolog is given in Figure 3. ------------ -297 -35" -291 Figure 3. Physical and genetic map (A) of the A. brasilense DNA region that contains homology with the A. tumefaciens chvE gene (B). The deduced amino acid sequence of chvE is similar to that of the galactose-binding protein (GBP) of E.

Isolated strains, their mutants, defective lysogenes and other derivatives were compared in symbiotic efficiency. Some of them were significantly more active both in laboratory and field experiments, suitable for inoculation. For field tests defective lysogens were used instead of antibiotic resistant strains. It was found a selectable genetic marker to identify reisolated inocula by phage superinfection. The defective lysogens were constructed and the superinfecting mutant phages characterized in our laboratory.

Univ. Agr. Sci. GOdollo 15-19 Kiss GB, Dobo K, Dusha I, Breznoivits A, Orosz L, Vincze E, Kondorosi A (1980) Isolation and characterization of an R-prime plasmid in Rhizobium meliloti. J. Bacteriol. 141:121-128 Kiss GB, Kalman Z (1982) Transfonnation of Rhizobium meliloti 41 with plasmid DNA. J. Bacteriol. 150:465-470 Kondorosi A, Barabas I, Svab Z, Orosz L, Sik T, Hotchkiss RD (1973) Evidence for common genetic determinants of nitrogenase and nitrate reductase in Rhizobium meliloti. Nature, New BioI.

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