Bar None by Tim Lebbon

By Tim Lebbon

Six months have handed because the finish of the area, leaving a handful of survivors holed up in a Welsh manor with little to do yet continue to exist. They've made the easiest of items, planting nutrients, consuming their approach throughout the cellar's wine and ale, and reminiscing in regards to the manner lifestyles was. yet with provides operating skinny, every thing is set to alter. the arriving of a stranger named Michael sheds new mild on their situations. If the survivors can succeed in Cornwall, a couple of days' trip north, they are going to discover a shelter, referred to as Bar None, really almost certainly the final bar on the earth!

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Now I wish we had listened to him. Just in case, Cordell said. Easy enough to open them if and when we do need to leave, and they're strong.  . But no one wanted to hear any more. Withstand a lorry ramming them, he said. We all remembered those final days of martial law and curfew, NBC-suited soldiers shooting any civilians who dared sneeze or hold their heads, the Prime Minister on TV telling us why he'd had to nuke London, the mass graves, the burning. And we all wanted to think that was in the past.

I glance at my watch, letting the moonlight illuminate the dials. m. "I'm still Michael. " Like a frightened child I gather my duvet, but stop short of pulling it up to my chin. Michael simply shakes his head, but I'm not sure whether he's denying my accusation, or agreeing.  . something different. He's not like me at all. Michael leans forward, tipping the chair onto its two back legs. They creak beneath his weight. "Things are going to change," he says. "The world has paused, and after it catches its breath it will endeavour to move on.

She must know he's no longer there. "I usually sleep really well," she says. "Keeping my days busy. " She adds more tea to the pot and fetches another mug from the cupboard. It's powdered milk, of course, but we've all become used to it. "I'm exhausted by the time we all crash out. " "It seems to help us all," I say. It's something we don't talk about very much, our growing dependency on alcohol to see us through. None of us has what would have been called "a problem" in times just gone—our stocks don't allow for that—but we all look forward to that communal couple of drinks each evening.

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