Biodiversity and Democracy: Rethinking Society and Nature by Paul M. Wood

By Paul M. Wood

Biodiversity, says wooden (forest assets administration, U. of British Columbia) isn't really a organic source that may be changed, yet an important environmental situation that's being irreversibly depleted. He strains the alarming expense of extinction of species, genes, and ecosystems to democratic regulations that cater to temporary public personal tastes with very little predicament for the longer term. He argues that biodiversity could be conserved no matter if it isn't within the public's present most sensible pursuits.

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If they cannot, then the new principle is rejected. 31 However, it is important to recognize that this general method is essentially the same as scientific investigation or any other form of rational inquiry. In science, one’s new ideas are given expression in a general principle or hypothesis. The hypothesis is a first approximation of the truth, so to speak. , observations), then we modify either our perceptions or principles or both, until equilibrium is obtained. Wenz (1988: 270) writes that, In science, we now have general beliefs about gases being composed of invisible molecules, diseases being caused by invisible germs, and about the sunrise being caused by the earth’s movement rather than by the sun’s movement.

Coherence means either consistency or, more strongly, positive logical connection” (Raphael 1990: 20). It might be said that the clarification of concepts seeks to weed out inconsistencies of meaning. One approach is to attempt to define precisely the necessary and sufficient conditions for a concept: Conceptual analysis can be understood as the attempt to state the necessary and sufficient conditions of the correct use of a given concept. The aims of conceptual analysis, on this view, are thus (1) to state, so far as possible, those conditions which, if they are not satisfied, prevent the concept in question from being correctly applied – the necessary conditions of correct use – and (2) to state those conditions which, if they are satisfied, permit the concept to be correctly applied – the sufficient conditions of correct use.

Deep ecology, as mentioned above, is usually associated with one extreme of the holistic or ecocentric philosophical position and tends to avoid the adoption of any ethical theory based on rational argument. Present and Future Generations: Concepts and Conventions Time is problematic for political theory. ” They call for “a second generation” of contemporary political theories that are more adept at dealing with time. Page (1988: 73) states the central problem as follows: “Decisions are made in the present with consequences extending through time for generations.

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