Business Arithmetic by Harold Ward (auth.)

By Harold Ward (auth.)

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The upper part, called the numerator shows the number of parts taken. In the above example we take one part out of 4. A proper fraction has a numerator smaller than its denominator. g. 1 or any fraction less than unity. g. i, or anything larger than unity. A mixed number consists of a whole number and a proper fraction. g. 4-i-. -). In addition we have one extra t so altogether there are thirteen thirds, or Il. Notes. To convert a mixed number, multiply the whole number by the denominator of the fraction, and add the numerator to the answer.

Progress Test SA 1 If the scale of three maps is such that 5 cm on the map represents (a) 5 km (b) 20 km and (c) 30 km on the ground, express each as its simplest ratio. 2 Find the ratio of cost price to selling price of an article which cost£5 and which is sold to make a profit of £2. 3 Sand and cement are mixed in the ratio 4: 1 to make 1000 kg of concrete for a building. How much extra cement must be added to make the ratio 3: 1? 4 A bonus off 40 is divided between two workmen in the ratio of their wages.

The first line has been completed for you. CC) 3 A bucket full of water weighs 15 kg. 8 kg. Find the weight of the empty bucket. CC) 4 A man bought 500 yds of cloth for£870. 85 a yard. How much did he gain on the deal? 35. 21. 76. If each arithmetic book costs 8Sp, find the cost of each answer book. CC) 8 At the beginning of a 13-week quarter, the reading on the electricity meter is 10569, and at the end it is 11609. 60, find the weekly cost of his electricity. ) 9 Find the values of 50/9,88/17,100/19 correct to 2 places of decimals, and arrange the fractions in ascending order of magnitude.

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