Classic Horror Films and the Literature That Inspired Them by Ron Backer

By Ron Backer

Vintage horror motion pictures reminiscent of Dracula, Frankenstein and the image of Dorian grey are in response to recognized novels. much less good known-even to avid horror fans-are the various different memorable motion pictures in response to literary works. starting within the silent period and carrying on with to the current, a variety of horror motion pictures came across their notion in novels, novellas, brief tales and poems, although a lot of those written works are lengthy forgotten. This ebook examines forty three works of literature-from the well-known to the obscure-that supplied the foundation for sixty two horror motion pictures. either the written works and the movies are analyzed significantly, with an emphasis at the symbiosis among the 2.

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When Jekyll swallows the mysterious potion, he is instantly wracked with pain, cries out in anguish, grabs his throat and experiences convulsions. A close-up of Jekyll’s face then reveals the scraggly hair hanging down on both sides of his head, his eyes wide and his mouth pinched. With little makeup, the handsome Jekyll has been transformed into the repulsive Hyde. Unfortunately, there is then a disconcertingly ineffective (by today’s standards) dissolve as Barrymore’s fingers grow longer and misshapen, although those The Strange Case of Dr.

He irrationally believes that the beating keeps getting louder and louder. He crazily believes that the sounds are caused by the old man’s non-beating heart. The narrator’s purpose in recounting his misdeed is to prove that he is not mad, but by the time the very short story concludes, the reader has no doubt that the narrator is insane. The narrator incorrectly associates sanity with calmness. He cannot be mad because he relates his tale with composure. He cannot be mad because he patiently waited eight days before killing the old man.

Many filmmakers over many years obviously decided that Robert Louis Stevenson’s tale of Dr. Jekyll’s aspirations, misfortunes and eventual demise laid a solid foundation for a cinematic work of horror. In many cases the final products on the screen confirmed the wisdom of those decisions. The Films Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920) The most well-regarded silent film adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is the 1920 version starring John Barrymore. Screenwriter Clara S. Beranger cleverly eschews the mystery approach that Stevenson had assumed towards his material and always focuses the story on Dr.

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