Classroom Dynamics by Jill Hadfield

By Jill Hadfield

This publication is meant for academics of English as a international language.

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They may also get to know each other too well, and have too few information gaps, thus becoming bored with each other. 1 Seating plan LEVEL All TlME_ 5-10 minutes MATERIALS Master copy of seating plan prepared in advance; cards (see below) PREPARATION Make yourself a seating plan of how you would like your students to sit in tomorrow's lesson. For example: ALICIA JUAN SUSANNA KURT MONIKA ABDUL MARION NORIKO HANNA PAUL MAGDA SVEN Then write cards for each student with an explanation of where they will be sitting.

You are meeting the other members of the TV team in the departure lounge. Find the other members of the TV team. MAINTAINING FLUIDITY PROCEDURE 1 Divide the class into two halves. 2 Give one half the 'meeting' cards and tell them they are on a station platform waiting for a train to come in. Give the other half the 'being met' cards and tell them that they are on a train. Someone is going to meet them at the station. 3 Create the station and the train. 4 Elicit such questions as: 'Excuse me, but is your n a m e .

Similar cards can be easily made for a tour group, a volleyball team, a chess team, the plane crew, a circus, etc. LEVEL Elementary and above (depending on the complexity of the pictures) TIME 5-10 MATERIALS Magazine pictures PREPARATION Collect some magazine pictures and cut them into four quarters. You will need as many quarter-pictures as there are students in the class. PROCEDURE 1 Give out the picture sections at random. 2 Ask the students to find the three people with the other parts of their picture.

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