Cloud Optics by Alexander A. Kokhanovsky

By Alexander A. Kokhanovsky

Clouds have an effect on the weather of the Earth, and they're an immense consider the elements. as a result, their radiative houses has to be understood in nice aspect. This ebook summarizes present wisdom on cloud optical homes, for instance their skill to soak up, transmit, and replicate gentle, which is determined by the clouds' geometrical and microphysical features akin to sizes of droplets and crystals, their shapes, and buildings. moreover, difficulties concerning the picture move via clouds and cloud distant sensing are addressed during this booklet in nice detail.This e-book can function a huge introductory textual content in cloud optics for college kids; it will probably even be an incredible resource of data on theoretical cloud optics for cloud physicists, meteorologists and optical engineers.All uncomplicated principles of optics as regarding scattering of sunshine in clouds (e.g. Mie idea and radiative move) are thought of in a self constant approach. therefore, the booklet is additionally an invaluable textbook to rookies to the sphere.

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52) CLOUD OPTICS 40 We apply the following trial solution of Eq. 53) n=1 which follows from Eq. 33) taking into account the form given by Eq. 52). Substitution of Eqs. 53) into Eq. 49) gives the following result: αn k 2 ψn (kr ) + ∂ 2 ψn (kr ) ψn (kr ) . 55) s = (−i)n (2n + 1) αn−1 . 56) where It follows from Eq. 28) that Eq. 55) is satisfied if s = n(n + 1) or [see Eq. 56)] αn = (−i)n 2n + 1 . 57) Therefore, we obtain [see Eqs. 57)]: ui = 1 kr ∞ (−i)n n=1 2n + 1 ψn (kr ) Pn1 (cos θ) cos φ. 58) Using the same procedure and Eqs.

32 within the same spectral band. Somewhat larger values of refractive indices occur at shorter wavelengths. The spectral variability of the imaginary part of the refractive index of water and ice, which is responsible for the level of absorption of solar radiation by clouds, is much higher (see Fig. 20). 4−2 μm for both liquid water and ice. Different impurities in water droplets, mainly soot (Markel, 2002) and various aerosol particles (Twomey, 1977), can change the imaginary part of the refractive index of droplets (especially in the visible, where water is almost transparent).

Internal field solutions are of a great importance to studies of laser beams propagation in clouds. Then, depending on the intensity of a beam, droplets can evaporate. , 1984). Droplets in clouds are separated by large distances (kr 1). 2. Far field solutions and incident fields (E 0 = H0 = 1). The angular P 1 (cos θ ) d Pn1 (cos θ ) functions are defined as follows: πn = n , τn = . sin θ dθ Field component Far—field solutions and incident fields E θs = Hφs 1 −ikr e cos φ ikr E φs = −Hθs E θi = Hθi ∞ n=1 ∞ 1 −ikr e − sin φ ikr 1 cos φ kr cot φ E φi = −Hφi tan φ ∞ n=1 ∞ 1 − sin φ kr 2n + 1 [an τn + bn πn ] n(n + 1) n=1 2n + 1 [an πn + bn τn ] n(n + 1) 2n + 1 (−i)n ψn (kr )πn + iψn (kr )τn n(n + 1) n=1 2n + 1 (−i)n ψn (kr )τn + iψn (kr )πn n(n + 1) studies.

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