Come Out Tonight by Richard Laymon

By Richard Laymon

It's a scorching, sizzling evening. Too scorching to be making love until your romance is younger, like Sherry and Duane's. It's their first time yet there's only one challenge - they've got no condoms. in fact they can wait until eventually tomorrow...Duane recollects the all-night Speed-D-Mart. within the ordinary conditions, it's no longer a spot a person would wish to go to at evening. yet those aren't traditional situations. Duane throws on his outfits - the shop is simply ten mins down the block. Now Sherry is ready. Ten mins has long past, so has twenty. She's now not anxious - what's one other jiffy? Then she hears the noise from down the road. it'd be a door slamming. it'd be the backfire of a automobile. yet Sherry thinks it sounds as a rule like a gunshot...

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From here in the bedroom, she probably wouldn’t be able to hear his footsteps in the hallway, either. She might hear his keys when he unlocked the front door. If not, the sounds of the door shutting behind him ought to reach her. Unless he gets sneaky about it. I probably will hear him come in, she told herself. But when? For a long time—or what seemed like a long time—Sherry lay still and listened for him. She heard mostly noises made by the blowing wind. While the curtains lifted and flapped in near silence, the wind outside sounded like a tribe of demented phantoms roaming the neighborhood—moaning, hissing and howling.

Potato chips? ” “Why don’t you just stay here? Forget about the condoms, okay? ” He made a face at her. ” She shrugged. Shaking his head, he stood up. ” She eased away from the door frame and walked toward him. He watched her breasts, then met her eyes. “I’d better go ahead and pick ’em up,” he said. ” She reached out and began to unbutton his shirt. He took hold of her wrists. “It’ll be better this way,” he said, then pulled her forward, raising and spreading her arms until her body pressed against him.

If we’d just done a little advance planning along with all that anticipation… “Just go to the store tomorrow,” Sherry said, “and pick up a good supply of the things. Then come over to my place tomorrow night. I’ll make us a nice dinner and we’ll try again. ” From the look on his face, she knew that it didn’t sound great. “Just one more night,” she said. ” He suddenly laughed. ” “I’ll go to the store now! ” “You don’t want to go over there at this hour,” Sherry said. He glanced at his clock radio.

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