Computers and Arts Management by Iwan Prys Williams

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An organisation which kept one back-up copy of each disk and had historic data for three years might therefore be storing 49 floppy disks or seven hard ones. 46 NUMBER OF FLOPPY DISKS REQUIRED TO STORE PROGRAM PROGRAM CURRENT DATA INTEGRATED FINANCIAL PACKAGE Level 3 — Budgetary Control ) 1 1 1 1 1 1 STOCK CONTROL 1 1 ADMISSION ANALYSIS 1 1 MAILING LIST 1 At least 1 WORD PROCESSOR 1 At least 1 7 7 \ Level 2 — Ledgers } Level 1 Primary Income Secondary Income Grants and Donations Other Income ) ) ) ) Purchases Cash Control Payroll Royalties Paid ) } TOTAL ESTIMATE OF MEMORY REQUIREMENT Exhibit 18 47 Alternative system configurations and their costs We have defined a system with a standard computer and monitor, and choices for disk drives and printers.

The program will also sort by more than one variable, calculating subtotals as it goes; for example, it would list all performances of a particular show where the house was less than 40%. There are a number of possible modes such as: a to output the details as a table b to output only the totals and other analysis as a table e to output the data as some form of chart. There are a number of standard chart types which could be used: - graph | — bar chart — histogram — pie chart 36 NAME OF PROGRAM: ADMISSION ANALYSIS INPUTS DATA INPUT: OPERATING For each performance/ opening/sale: — date/day — type (eg Mat/Eve) — sales by price/value — special factors OUTPUTS RECORDS KEPT BY PROGRAM OPERATING OUTPUT Details for each performance/opening/ sale according to predetermined parameters DATA INPUT: BASIC RECORD MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (MIS) Parameters to be recorded Summaries and analysis of sales trends on interactive basis BACKGROUND INFORMATION FUNCTIONS PERFORMED Analyse trends in sales on interactive basis Exhibit 12 37 The Mailing List package (Exhibit 13) The mailing list is an essential selling tool for many arts organisations.

It will also be possible to print out and analyse budget vs actual figures for all overheads/department expenses. Where the need for particular routine reports is identified, the system can be programmed to produce them automatically. Level 3 will also carry out a number of housekeeping functions such as — the production of details of returns required by the Arts Council and other funding bodies — the production of a list of those payments which are due to be made, and which are based on the suppliers' terms of trade stored in the purchases ledger, with invoice numbers for cheque authorisation — the production of a list of outstanding debts, by age — bank reconciliation All the programs outlined above will be written in such a way as to be 'user-friendly', that is to say, the computer will provide step-by-step instructions to guide the operator through each program.

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