Cork and the Cork Tree by Giles B. Cooke, R. C. Rollins and G. Taylor (Auth.)

By Giles B. Cooke, R. C. Rollins and G. Taylor (Auth.)

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This resinous gum is reported to be useful for making varnishes that are employed in lining containers for beer and fruit juices. 0 0 CHAPTER V M A N U F A C T U R E OF N A T U R A L C O R K ARTICLES A connection frequently exists between physical and chemical properties and in many cases recourse must be had to both for an explanation of a phenomenon to which they may each contribute. C. L. BERTHOLLET ONE o f the oldest and most widely known uses o f cork is in the manufacture o f bottle stoppers.

SOUND ABSORBENCY Cork as an acoustic material has an important place in modern building construction. Cork is employed to insulate against outside noise and to absorb sound formed within, and to prevent echoes. The cut cells on the exterior o f cork provide an ideal surface for absorbing sound waves. Thus w e see that cork possesses many valuable physical properties. It is the combination o f the properties o f compressibility and resilience, water resistance and non-capillarity, low specific gravity, thermal insulation, machinery isolation, high coefficient of friction and sound absorption in a single material that has made cork an important natural product for over two thousand years.

An inexpensive metal waste basket when covered with composition cork becomes noiseless and more attractive. Photograph albums are made up with a fine particle composition cork cover on to which letters from large granule composition cork are bonded. There are numerous other uses of composition cork. Every day in some manner, direcdy or indirectly, cork and composition cork affect the life of the average individual. C H A P T E R VII CORKBOARD Heat and cold are nature's two hands by which she chiefly worketh.

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