Corpus Linguistics: An Introduction by Niladri Sekhar Dash

By Niladri Sekhar Dash

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7 The Indian Scenario India is still in her fanciful infancy, with regard to corpus linguistics and language technology. As an outcome of this, no notable change has been observed in language research and application. We are still using those traditional tricks and methods that are already tagged as redundant and incompetent in advanced countries. For instance, in case of language education, what we teach in the classroom about the use of language is different from real-life examples obtained from corpora.

Due to easy availability of corpora and language processing tools of various kinds, we have observed quick birth and growth of a few new fields within the mainframe of linguistics, which were beyond our vision even a few decades ago. Many traditional observations and hypotheses are on the verge of rejection either because they are insufficient for proper description of a language or because they are a simple distortion of truths about a language. Corpus Linguistics 16 This change has been possible due to the emergence of many new facts and observations retrieved from corpora.

In the following sections, the author highlights how corpora are used in writing general and specialized grammar, designing course books and study material for language teaching and studying dialects of a language in full detail. In the final section, he identifies possible corpus users and directs how they use corpora in their own works. Despite the fact that language corpora are used in a wholesome way in various domains of general linguistics, technology, they have some applied linguistics, limitations, which the author and language addresses in Chapter 7.

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