Cosmetic Acupuncture. A Traditional Chinese Medicine by Radha Thambirajah

By Radha Thambirajah

A advisor to the analysis and remedy of beauty and dermatological issues of useful guideline on tips on how to practice therapy techniques.

Thambirajah explains the vigorous imbalances which reason pores and skin illnesses and the issues of early growing old, and describes how they are often taken care of effectively. dermis difficulties happen as the Blood, Qi, yin and yang of the physique aren't in stability and the publication discusses how those could be balanced by way of acupuncture remedy. The treatment for a beauty challenge has 3 steps: 1) to stability the physique energies that reason the matter, 2) to regard the matter in the neighborhood, three) altering the vitamin and way of life of the sufferers with those difficulties. innovations are followed with worthwhile illustrations all through, demonstrating the equipment defined. This moment variation additionally includes new fabric on needling and therapeutic massage techniques.

it is a complete and authoritative textbook at the subject for training acupuncturists and chinese language medication practitioners.

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1) and their association with the skin. 1 The five elements and their association with the Lung and the skin. 1 FIRE – HEART AND SMALL INTESTINE Qi Yang Yin Blood The Heart synthesizes and circulates Blood. The Blood nourishes all the cells it reaches, and also warms the body. In other words, it improves the Blood and yang aspects. The term Blood is used sometimes specifically to mean red blood, and is sometimes used loosely to mean nutrition. Blood provides tissues with not only oxygen and nutrition, but also fluid.

The unblocking can be achieved simply by placing two needles – one proximal and one distal to the block – on the Lung meridian, and leaving it for 20 minutes along with other points used during treatment. This should be performed at least eight times to be effective in unblocking. Similarly, abdominal scars should be unblocked when treating bowel problems. 4 WATER – KIDNEY AND URINARY BLADDER The Kidneys give water and life energy to all the tissues of our body. Kidney yin stores water for the body and Kidney yang irrigates the body with this water.

When the Liver yin is deficient, it does not hold the Blood in the vessels and there may be delayed coagulation in the case of an injury. We often come across these patients when we treat with acupuncture. When Liver yang is high and the yin weak (this is a serious imbalance in the Liver syndromes and is called Liver-fire or fire-heat in Liver), there may be excessive and spontaneous bleeding from any organ or tissue. 19 Liver yin deficiency. 19) can cause bleeding problems and Liver Blood deficiency means there are problems with the Blood itself.

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