Cranial Osteopathic Biomechanics, Pathomechanics and by Alain Gehin

By Alain Gehin

This identify is directed basically in the direction of well-being care execs outdoors of the us. The author's a variety of years of expertise give you the again bone for this vital illustrated creation to osteopathic manipulations of the cranium. the purpose of this ebook is to provide the practitioner or the scholar of osteopathy the fundamental wisdom of biomechanics and cranial pathomechanics. those topics are on the center of all prognosis and supply the practitioner with the alternative of suggestions they'll use.

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Movement occurs about two axes: a transverse axis for external rotation and a vertical axis for clockwise rotation at the occipital level and anticlockwise rotation at the temporal level. The spheno-petrous pivot Circumduction of the sphenoid takes place about the clinoid insertion of the petro-sphenoid ligament (Grüber’s ligament). This movement stabilizes the structures forming the cavernous sinus and the foramen lacerum. 60 Movements of the peripheral bones (the paired bones) • Figure 43 61 PA RT O N E : The three pivots of the vault The condylo-squamo-mastoidal pivot This lies between the occipital and the posterior part of the mastoid at the point at which the beveling changes orientation from supero-medial to infero-lateral.

It must therefore adapt its position to take into account the following small movements: • spheno-maxillary torsion; • shearing motion between the sphenoid and the maxilla; • disengagement of the spheno-maxillary suture; • lateral flexion of the fronto-maxillary suture; • separation of the fronto-maxillary suture; • antero-posterior shearing motion at the fronto-maxillary suture.

Its general structure, which is arched and plastic with well-developed lines of force, makes it supple and resistant. ), which in turn allow small displacements to occur. These bones lie at the edges of the cranial cavity, and all of them move about their axes with different degrees of obliquity. Only one axis will be mentioned here for each movement described. This simple approach is for teaching purposes, and one must bear in mind that the axis of any movement changes direction as the movement proceeds and that these successive axes will describe a particular curve in space called the cardioid.

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