Curing IBS Naturally with Chinese Medicine by Jane Bean

By Jane Bean

An important message of this booklet is that almost all of what makes humans ailing is inside of their very own energy to regulate, and this can be additionally real of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). nowa days, things like incorrect consuming behavior, an excessive amount of paintings, too little workout, an excessive amount of emotional dissatisfied, and never sufficient leisure are on the center of such a lot affliction. accordingly, whereas this booklet describes the various secure and potent remedies that chinese language medication has for the remedy of IBS, it really is typically a publication approximately self-care and methods for individuals to regulate their indicators all alone. it's a e-book that, utilizing chinese language clinical theories, empowers sufferers to avoid the soreness and anguish of this universal . you will be fit back!

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Page 23 This channel and network vessel system is complex. There are 12 primary channels, six yin and six yang, each with a specific pathway through the external body and connected with an internal organ (see diagram below). There are also extraordinary vessels, sinew channels, channel divergences, main network vessels, and ultimately countless finer and finer network vessels permeating the entire body. All of these form a closed loop or circuit similar to but distinct from the Western circulatory system.

In this case, movement and transformation may be paraphrased as digestion. This means that the spleen is the single most important viscus in Chinese medicine in all digestive processes and diseases. However, secondarily, movement and transformation also refer to the movement and transformation of body fluids through the body. It is the spleen qi which is largely responsible for controlling liquid metabolism in the body. If the spleen fails to move and transport body fluids properly, these may gather and accumulate and transform into "evil" or pathological dampness.

Phlegm blocking the clear orifices of the heart gives rise to mental emotional problems. The clear orifices of the head refer to the sensory organs of the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. If phlegm blocks any of these, then there will be some disturbance in the function of the associated sense. For instance, if the orifices of the eyes are blocked by phlegm, then there will be vision problems. If the orifices of the ears are blocked, there will be hearing problems, etc. If qi stagnation fails to move the blood, the blood will stop and become static.

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