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1 Introduction In spite of the billions of advertising dollars spent globally every year on power brands, it is unclear as to how much the success of a brand depends on advertising and marketing and how much of it depends on the physical attributes and experience of the product [1]. Power brands such as Nike, Starbucks, and Apple have each depended heavily on marketing and advertising in their development and establishment. The brand loyalty of these brands is unparalleled with consumer followings that transcend national borders.

For him, values are in the core and when proceeding from inner to the outer, three more layers are revealed, rituals, Heroes and symbols [3]. The three layers, are likely more visible and observable and can be manifested in people’s behaviours, ceremonies and artefacts they make. His model is associated with a set of practices along the three visible layers (Fig. 1) field. Designers can use cultural values as the source for enhancing meaning in their works. Any level of representation injected into design objects can lay upon a layer of cultural value.

Any level of representation injected into design objects can lay upon a layer of cultural value. This would enable the authors to formulate a hypothesis as following; Any designer could benefit from the application of Layers of culture (rooted in culture) in his/her design activity. Meanwhile, this question here remains: To what extent, designers are aware of this potential? To answer this question, the authors undertook a fieldwork. However, due to the short of time and difficulties to get experts designers involved, they decided to engage design students.

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