Design and Construction of the Hanford Production Reactors

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Lb. limit on bolting torque. This limit on bolting torque may not be desirable from the standpoint of design s safety or operation bilt it is a true limit that exists. Using normal tools, it is possible to tighten the four nozzle bolts to torques in excess of 100 ft. Ibs. and place a load of over 50,000 psi on critical parts of the nozzle assembly. With the installation of zirconium tubes and the close fuel to tube clearances, the bolting torque becomes more critical than it has in the past. High bolting torques can result in 1) Van Stone gasket extrusion, 2) bending of the gunbarrel flange, 3) failure of the gunbarrel flange retaining ring, 4) tube neck down, 5) nozzle seat failure and 6) improper gas sealing.

On required a b,gger the rod is half aglin as :icng and w,:,rk _,n the tirp its guides means diassembly of the ihimble, _,4t improved sealing efficiency appears t,:, override advantage s. - , Ji - • .... - The ZX Safety Oirc_it inserts the rods ior several ¢,orid;t_ons including trip of the lX Safety C:_rcalt and dropping of any one VSR. Half rods, :regulating rods and rods on bypass do not scram on a 2X circuit trip. tton. This speed is variable in some cases. m power levels. Scram insertion is done and is accomplished by a special at rela_iveJ-_r drive motor.

Therefore, a second safety system has been provided for the Hartford Production Reactors. In order to minimize the possibility of the control medium not being able to enter the reactor, this system depends only on gravity for insertion and is fluid in nature. The original 3X systems were a true solution - borax and water which was admitted to the VSR thimbles. Removal of these thimbies required replacement of the system. Operationalproblems included, • qj _ • DECLASSIFIED HW"O Page No. _ Date is_ 7-2 -63 I) caking of the solution in storage, Z) possible away of the water with a corresponding reduction material dispersion and 3) leaks in the thimbles result in permanent reactor poisoning.

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