Design of stub girders by Robert Mark Lawson, R. E. McConnel, Steel Construction

By Robert Mark Lawson, R. E. McConnel, Steel Construction Institute (Great Britain)

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PUB: 118 The Steel Construction Institute 5500 mm2 Created on 30 March 2011 This material is copyright - all rights reserved. 2 - acceptable not However, the top chord will reduce imposed load deflections by about 5%. This calculation nevertheless shows that the total deflection of stub girders is ojlen the limiting factor. The chords would need to be significantly heavier in order to reduce deflections due to self weight. 57 P118: Design of Stub Girders Discuss me ... I I 1 Job No. I PUB 118 Sheet 24of 24 I Rev.

The designassumptionthat all the moment is transferred by compositeaction is therefore conservative. The relative proportions of shear resisted by the slab and the bottom chord at the quarter-span points are also indicated. These varied between 63 and 85% in the bottom chord. Again, it is conservative toassume that the slab does not participate in this action. The lower figure occurred in Test 2 where the stiffening effect of the top chord is considerable, apparently because of the presence of the T section.

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