Development, Design Aspects of Advanced Water Cooled

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Mikroprozessortechnik: Grundlagen, Architekturen, Schaltungstechnik und Betrieb von Mikroprozessoren und Mikrocontrollern

Das Buch Mikroprozessortechnik wendet sich an alle, die bei begrenzter Zeit einen leichten Einstieg in das Thema und einen Überblick über die wichtigsten Techniken suchen. So weit möglich, werden zu allen Themen zunächst die zu Grunde liegenden Ideen verständlich und plausibel gemacht; dabei wird großer Wert auf die Zusammenhänge gelegt.

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The number 1995 90 - working-age population 80 70Q. old-age population (over 65 years) 60- o QJ Q. young-age population 50 (lower 14 years) of nuclear power stations w i l l increase in the 21st century under serious labor shortage More nuclear power stations w i l l require larger number of nuclear power plant personnel (operators, maintenance personnel, designers, and construction workers). From the viewpoint of shortage of skilled laborers, it w i l l be necessary to design the systems and components so that they can be operated by fewer people.

The primary containment is a 51 m steel sphere which gives a large operating floor space. The spent fuel pit and its cooling system are located inside containment together with the gravity injection tanks which are also used as refuelling water storage tanks. Secondary contain-ne-il (concrete fillet* steel) Primary containment nnn QO n 140 120 120 Primary containment 100 Secondary containment Advanced accumulator - RCS pressure 60 I Injection from gravity infection tank Injection from accumulator 0 100 200 300 100 500 600 700 900 1000 1100 Tune (sec) FIG.

The power density of the core is slightly higher than that of AP-600, but lower than the current ones. The pressure vessel is the same as that of the current 4 loop PWRs, The safety systems are similar to that of AP-600, for example the containment air cooling by the outside spray is adopted. The volume of the cont a i n m e n t vessel w i l l be 1 2 times larger than the current 3 loop PWRs. The canned motor pumps are used and the cross-over legs and their support structures are eliminated. The group of BWR utilities are studying the technology of SBWR and HSBWR by the help of Toshiba and Hitachi and GE.

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