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Dictionary of Banking and Finance КНИГИ ;БИЗНЕС Автор: коллектив авторов Название: Dictionary of Banking and Finance Издательство: A & C Black Publishers LtdГод: 2005 Формат: pdf Размер: 2,2 MbЯзык: английскийThis dictionary offers a easy vocabulary of phrases utilized in the fields of banking, funding, the inventory alternate, and common finance. It covers either British and American utilization. uploadbox zero 1 2 three four five

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Back door /b k dɔ / noun ˽ by the back door by buying a listed company on order to acquire a listing on a Stock Exchange (which is cheaper than applying for a new listing) back-end load / b k end ləυd/ noun a management charge or commission which is levied when the investor sells out of the fund back-end loaded / b k end ləυdd/ adjective referring to an insurance or investment scheme where commission is charged when the investor withdraws his or her money from the scheme. Compare front-end loaded backer / b kə/ noun 1.

He has an office in Madrid which he uses as a base while travelling in Southern Europe. í verb /bes/ 1. ˽ to base something on something to calculate something using something as your starting point or basic material for the calculation ć We based our calculations on the forecast turnover. ˽ based on calculating from ć based on last year’s figures ć based on barter base currency population forecasts 2. to set up a company or a person in a place ć The European manager is based in our London office.

A board will consist of a chairman (who may be non-executive), a chief executive or managing director, and a series of specialist directors in charge of various activities of the company (such as production director or sales director). The company secretary will attend board meetings, but is not a director. Apart from the executive directors, who are in fact employees of the company, there may be several non-executive directors, appointed either for their expertise and contacts, or as representatives of important shareholders such as banks.

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