LMFR Core and Heat Exch. Thermohydraulic Design - USSR

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Mikroprozessortechnik: Grundlagen, Architekturen, Schaltungstechnik und Betrieb von Mikroprozessoren und Mikrocontrollern

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Electromagnetic measurements are in agreement with the other authors' data, which have been obtained by traditional techniques based on Pilot tubes, as well as with the predictions by well-known procedures. Fig. 19 presents the axial velocity distribution over perimeter of near wall pins in fast reactor subassembly model (smooth pins). Data gained in the various combined channels (shape of the channels see in Fig. 16 e) is analysed below in Chapter 4. The results mentioned have been generalised and now used in thermal hydraulic analysis of reactors.

11) As the function/„ increases with R/r0, signal also rises with R/r0. Magnets possessing the concentrated field (top harmonics of m) give the faster signal saturation, then ones of lesser concentrated field (low harmonics of m). The preceding is illustrated in Fig. 17)) on R/r0 (here, B - induction at the liquid-wall boundary). Rectangular magnets having a field concentration angles 2Aa equal to 3, 7, 5, 60° and cylindrical magnets with 2Aa=l8Q° are considered. As the picture suggests, the condition k=idem is complied with a greater order of accuracy for the concentrated magnets but an influence of 'side' areas of the flow on the signal generation is reflected to a lesser degree.

45 water Fig. 25. Carbon heater: 1 -bottom, 2- body, 3 -plug, 4 - wedge, 5- current supply, 6- cover, 7- wire, 8 - current supply, 9- ring, 10- shield, 11 - heater. 46 the gas water Fig. 26. Sodium-water heat exchanger: 1 - inlet connection, 2 -flange, 3, 4, 5 -pipe grids, 6 - valve disc, 7 - valve, 8-shell, 9-displacer, 10-body, 11-pipe 50x3, 12-pipe 42x2, 13-pipe 27x2. 04 Fig. 27. Cold catcher: 1 - bottom, 2 - grid, 3 - wrapper tube, 4 -packing of stainless steel chip, 5 - displacer, 6 - cover, 7 - thermocouple, 8 - shell, 9 - -wrapper tube.

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