Project Disasters and How to Survive Them by Nickson D., Siddons S.

By Nickson D., Siddons S.

This ebook examines the reasons of undertaking disasters and what may be learnt from them. It specializes in threat administration - deciding upon dangers and methods to house them; the way to help and lead venture groups while issues get it wrong; easy methods to flip a catastrophe into whatever confident and, importantly, suggestions on what to not do. The emphasis is on studying classes from error that experience happened inside of earlier tasks, therefore supporting to prevent destiny mess ups. utilizing a large choice of real-world examples, the booklet appears at what these interested in the initiatives did after the development and the way powerful or differently this was once in bettering the end result. situations contain: The Apollo thirteen moon project; Coca-Cola Dasani water; the Millennium Dome; the Millennium Bridge; the Channel Tunnel; the Beagle 2 house Probe; and plenty of extra.

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Project Disasters and How to Survive Them

This ebook examines the factors of venture disasters and what might be learnt from them. It specializes in hazard administration - opting for hazards and techniques to house them; how one can help and lead venture groups whilst issues get it wrong; tips to flip a catastrophe into whatever optimistic and, importantly, information on what to not do.

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The intention here is not to be shackled by a pedantic definition but to be able to choose examples from a fairly wide constituency in order to illustrate the sorts of problems that occur in the project world. In the book Managing Projects, the author, in conjunction with Suzy Siddons, defined a project as ‘a one-off finite piece of work with fixed start and end points and a clear objective. The difference between a project and ongoing work is that a project has a defined beginning and end, as opposed to being part of a continuing activity.

The following case study was a very highprofile project disaster in 2003. Case study: Records system This system had a clear overall goal: to deliver a system that could process requests for the retrieval of certain records to support job vetting (among other things) within certain time limits specified in a service level agreement (SLA). Unfortunately, owing to a poor or incomplete understanding of the nature of the requests and how they would be received, the project goals were built around the delivery of a system that would use a ‘call centre’ to fulfil the bulk of the requests for the retrieval of records.

This can then result in a need for significant changes and a timetable crisis when the consequences of this become visible. It is tempting to look at the last and largest factor as being the cause of the problem; however, this is almost always a mistake. Fixing this problem only will seldom rescue a project from disaster; another crisis will occur, probably more quickly than expected. Key point: When looking at the root cause of a project disaster, a forensic approach is essential. There is seldom a single cause of a project disaster, but rather a chain of events that led to the visible event.

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