The King's German Legion by Otto von Pivka

By Otto von Pivka

Textual content by means of Otto von Pivka, color Plates by way of Michael Roffe. The King’s German Legion was once born in sorrow, their tragedy being the career in their fatherland, the voters of Hanover, by means of a 13,000-strong French strength less than common Mortier in 1803. This ebook examines how the Hanoverians exacted their revenge. because of well known call for, strictly constrained amounts of Osprey’s such a lot sought after out of print Men-at-Arms, forefront and Elite titles are again in inventory. a lot of those books were out of print for five years or extra, so don’t leave out this one-off chance to shop for them hot-off-the-press at normal sequence costs whereas shares final. Orders may be processed on a strictly first come, first served foundation so hurry! Order your books this day.

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