The Sustainable You - Somatics and the Myth of Aging by John Loupos

By John Loupos

In The Sustainable You, John Loupos expands at the tools and legacy of Dr. Thomas Hanna who pioneered a innovative method of therapeutic and well being.

Founded in traditional neurophysiology, Somatics involves non-invasive holistic tools for resolving ache and stiffness and restoring optimum mobility. Loupos presents transparent insights into the theories, ideas, and clinical underpinnings of this distinctive selfhealing strategy. His is a welcome message for child boomers for whom neuromuscular aches, soreness, and stiffness restrict own freedom and speed up the decline of aging--a decline that Loupos argues convincingly is because of an ''archeology of insults'' that needn't be inevitable.

The Sustainable You deals a substitute for the standard course of age-related ache and stiffness--no subject how outdated you're.

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Altogether too many people "live to work," or are devoted excessively to some extrinsic cause at great personal cost. Those who slip into this trap--and in doing so forget how to meet their own needs in a fundamentally sustainable way-court the myth of aging and all its decline. Somatic education is a means of personal sustenance and renewal-of living green, so to speak-that enables us to assume control of our own life from within and altogether separately from external circumstances. With Freedom Comes Responsibility Any shift toward sustainability requires that we comport ourselves in a sustainable manner.

The hours, the days, and the years march on by, no matter what we do: we're born; we live, and in the end we all die. But the qualitative aspects of how we live our lives and find ourselves impacted by events that occur as we age are unquestionably much more within our realm of control than conventional wisdom would have us believe. Somatics may or may not have an effect on human longevity, in terms of life extension. Life extension, however, is not our goal. What we seek to achieve is a quality of life or, to borrow a concept from Dr.

The passage of time is unavoidable; and insults such as we have discussed are, for all practical purposes, part of the human condition. Yet somatics provides us some measure of recourse. ). Somatic education accomplishes this task by recruiting the conscious and voluntary attention of the cortical brain to recalibrate the errant default settings of the sub-cortical brain. Such recalibration serves to restore optimal communication via the sensorimotor pathways with chronically engaged muscles, so that they may finally stand down and relax.

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