AGMA 6022-C93 Design Manual for Cylindrical Wormgearing by agma

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3 Synthetic oils to obtain its proper microstructure. 3 Alternate wormgear materials features over the compounded mineral oil. These For lightly loaded motion transmission wormgearinclude wider application temperature range, longer ing, the wormgear material may be cast iron, ductile oil lifeandimproved gearbox efficiency. However, at iron, soft steel or various grades of plastic. 54 Ws)) are involved, wormgear materials such added benefits should be obtained from the as high strength aluminum bronzes (CDA 954000 synthetic oil supplier.

Such a thread generating machine makes use of a helical type gear shaper cutter whose axis, when mounted, is at right angles to the worm axis. The cutter generates the threads as it rotatesin mesh withthe worm while translating in a direction parallel to the worm axis. 5 Worm thread rolling - Figure 23 Generation of wormgear teeth The most economical method for threading worms in mass production is thread rolling. Hydraulic mate with the wormgear and are similarin appearpressure is used to feed one die inward to a preset ance to theworm except the threads arefluted or 22 COPYRIGHT American Gear Manufacturers Association, Inc.

L Purpose The purpose of this annex is to provide formulas for ZI and finding approximate thread profiles for form form ZK . (Eq A . 3) h is the lead angle at the worm pitch diameter. where - A$ NW Figure A-1 is the reduction in thread angle from the cutter or grinding wheel angle, degrees; is the number of threads in worm. 2) worm where pn R = normal pressure is the radiusofnormal thread profileZK, in (mm); is the radius of cutter or grinding wheel, in (mm). Figure A-3 - Reduction in thread angle from the cutter or grinding wheel angleForm ZK - 31 COPYRIGHT American Gear Manufacturers Association, Inc.

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