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1. In the first five months of the year, Tate spends $1,940, $4,230, $1,600, $2,750, and $1,850. He can afford no more than $30,000 in expenses this year. What is the mean amount that he can spend per month for the rest of the year? Is this above or below his monthly goal? By how much? Answer: Tate can spend $__________ per month. This is __________ (above/below) his goal by $__________. 2. Zack goes to the movies at least once a week, for all 52 weeks in a year. 50 on pizza afterwards. How much does this add up to over the year?

You run a food drive to collect food. Then you box it up and take it to families in need. To cut costs, you buy large 90-inch by 108-inch sheets of cardboard. You cut out open boxes, each 18-inch square, from the cardboard. Circle the box design that wastes the least cardboard. Draw a diagram to show a layout on the cardboard to make 6 boxes. © Saddleback Educational Publishing • On the Job 31 Unit 3 • Community Service 21CLM_B3_ i-iv,001-052_AppMath_B3_ i-iv,001-052 11/5/10 10:05 AM Page 32 Lesson 3 Community Space A Pegboard Game (for One or More Players) The goal of this game is to construct polygons of different sizes.

Vehicle Passenger car Commemorative plates Fee if paid by Fee if paid after Fee if purchased Oct. 1, 2002 Oct. 50 Trailer $12 $22 $6 TOTAL ANNUAL FEES 4. The yearly finance charge on a used car is 10% of the original unpaid balance. Jacob buys a used car for $4,500. He puts $700 down as a deposit. He agrees to pay the balance off in three years. What is his total finance charge? Answer: ____________ ✰ Challenge Problem You may want to talk this one over with a partner. You buy a used car from your father for $3,200.

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