The Indestructible Houseplant: 200 Beautiful, Easy-Care by Tovah Martin

By Tovah Martin

Tovah Martin, the undisputed Queen of eco-friendly, exhibits that anyone can develop fit houseplants. all of it boils all the way down to an easy set of abilities and—here's the the most important part—picking definitely the right vegetation. those difficult yet attractive crops can thrive in less-than-ideal stipulations, and they're effortless to discover. You'll additionally how to pot, repot, water, and fertilize; decide up a few nice principles for enjoyable, funky boxes; and take advantage of Tovah's how you can reveal your crops to sit up a room. So get a few indestructibles and begin your indoor backyard. As Tovah provides, "Life could be beautiful."
comprises fashionable vegetation and liked favorites, including:
•African violet
•Nerve plant
•Ponytail palm
•Spider plant

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They haven’t been watered, they haven’t been groomed, and they look like refugees. Nothing in that picture is going to seduce you into adoption. But what if that forlorn plant could be made to look magnificent? What if you found just the right combination of container and setting to turn it around? Give anything the royal treatment and it shines. Even plants that might have evoked nothing more than a yawn will blossom, so to speak—it’s the botanical version of stilettos or a tuxedo. Any plant can become a supermodel when you work up its finer points, and the whole room will be the lucky beneficiary.

Select shapes according to your taste, but remember that a container’s silhouette should be firmly based in practical considerations. Real estate is tight near my light sources, so I gravitate toward long, thin cylinder shapes rather than broad footprints. There are exceptions: Begonia and bromeliad roots tend to spread horizontally rather than plunge downward, so I give them shallow, squat pots. And I shy away from bean pot–shaped containers because they are a hassle 31 to repot. ) For aesthetic purposes, I dote on containers with sleek lines.

Homes might be happier. Guests might stop for a second glance. The new aglaonemas are speckled with a confetti of color, striped with bands of deep red and bright pink, and totally jazzed up (indeed, one series is called Jazzed Gems). You would never imagine that they once came from something so yawn-worthy. And countless versions of these new colorjacked Chinese evergreens are being pumped into the market. As if that weren’t enough, the leaf-shape inventory has expanded. Some are broader than the prototype, while others have become slender.

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